5 Page Financial Accounting Analysis For Prevention HIV/AIDS Program PreP


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5 pages including 2 budget sheets attached and 3 pages not including title and ref page min 3 ref APA


I will send public health initiative privately.

Please conduct research on chosen program


Please use PHS 398 fp4 (Form Page 4) and PHS 398 fp5 (Form Page 5) for this portion of the SPP. You may use the PHS398 Continuation page OR a word document for the text of this assignment. There is an example of what the budget and budget justification should look like in Week 9 Resources…do not add any sections that are not outlined in the instructions for Week 9 SPP. This assignment should only be your budget,  budget justification and an analysis of the fiscal soundness and long-term viability of the public health initiative.

Part 2: Financial Accounting Analysis

For this part of your Scholar-Practitioner Project you will develop a financial accounting analysis of the public health initiative you selected in week 2. In your analysis, be sure to incorporate return on investment, time-value of money, and inflation factors.

The financial accounting analysis should include:

· A 5-year proposed budget including major line items (see blank form for proposed budget on NIH grants page located in the course syllabus or here:
Online Article: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (2009, June). Public health service: PHS 398. Detailed Budget for Initial Budget Period Form Page 4  and Form Page 5

· http://grants.nih.gov/grants/funding/phs398/phs398.html (Concentrate on the budget and completing the two form sections)
Grant Application PHS 398. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Public Health Service.

o There is a $500,000 Direct Cost per year limit ( as noted in the PHS 398 Instructions page 22)

· An analysis of budget line items, costs, sources of revenue, and deficits (This is the budget justification)

· An analysis of the fiscal soundness and long-term viability of the public health initiative

· The 5pages include the 2 government forms. Note that the budget justification can/should be single spaced.

· You must submit only one document for grading in Blackboard…no exceptions.

· Figuring out the government forms is part of the SPP experience.

· Be sure to visit the NIH website, the forms can actually be downloaded in other formats.

· Here are some Q & A from the other section of the course. I thought it would be useful to share.


· Question: We are to make this project our own.  If I see fit to add personnel or anything to my budget, I can do so as long as I have justification or do I have to stick to the existing budgets that I see for the initiative?


· Answer:  You can make it your own as long as it is realistic and everything is justified.
Question:  In order to discuss the fiscal soundness and long-term viability of the public health initiative, I would just add supportive data to make a case for this analysis that is included in the project?


· Answer: The fiscal soundness and long term viability should only be one or two paragraphs and based on peer reviewed research and other supporting information. This section varies greatly depending on the type of project.



· Question: For my budget is it okay if I just do my area Dougherty County instead of trying to figure out the budget for all 60 counties that are involved with the health initiative?


· Answer: Small and manageable is best for this course project. The idea is to practice creating a budget and using government forms so one county is perfect.


· REMEMBER~~One of the challenges of this assignment is working with government forms and following instructions so do your best….your main concern should be that the information is correct in the forms ….that is the main thing I am grading 🙂

Please read what was included in the project previously

Economics and Financing of Public Health Systems

Scholar-Practitioner Project (SPP) Guidelines (15–17 pages total)

For the Scholar-Practitioner, you take an in-depth look at the long-term economic and financial outlook of a public health initiative. You should have a reliable contact within the organization that will allow you to have enough information and access to complete the project.

The project will consist of four parts:

· Part 1A: Public Health Initiative Approval (Due Week 2)

· Part 1B: Economic analysis (Due Week 5)

· Part 2: Financial accounting analysis (Due Week 9) THE PART YOU’RE DOING

· Part 3: Alternative funding sources (Due Week 11)

You must demonstrate that your public health initiative is viable, capable of being sustained on a long-term basis, and provides a positive public health impact in the community. Your public health initiative must also increase the health status of an underserved population to be deemed successful.

Describe the public health initiative you selected P to be the focus of your Scholar-Practitioner Project. Include a brief overview of the initiative and your rationale for selecting the initiative.

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