A Drug Company Is Considering Marketing A New Local Anesthetic

A drug company is considering marketing a new local anesthetic. The effective time of the anesthetic the company is currently producing has a normal distribution with an average of 7.5 minutes and a standard deviation of 1.2 minutes. The chemistry of the new anesthetic is such that the effective time should be normally distributed with the same standard deviation, but a lower mean effective time. If it is lower, the company will market the new anesthetic; otherwise they will continue to produce the older one. A sample size of 36 results in a sample mean of 7.1. A hypothesis test will be done to help make the decision.
Using a Z test, the value of the test statistic will be?
The p-value of the test is?
Will the null hypothesis be rejected at the .10 significance level?
If the sample mean was 7.0, would the Ho be rejected at the .05 level?

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