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Calculate the pressure produced by a 2000 -lb stone block, 12-in. length X 12-in. width  X 12-in. height.   HINT:  Pressure =      Force (weight) ÷ Area

Calculate the pressure exerted on a 26 ft column filled with 13 ft of gasoline.  The vapor pressure of gasoline at 100 F is 12 psi.

Calculate the pressure produced by a 2,500-lb block, 40″ length x 20″ wide x 35″ high.

6.25 psi

3.125 psi

.089 psi

.043 psi

4.        Calculate the pressure produced by an 8,500-lb block, 2′ length x 4′ wide x 6′ high.

Calculate the pressure at the base of a 200 foot column with a 20 foot liquid level in the lower stripping section. The column is operating under 55 psig.  Specific gravity of bottom product is .85.

Convert 14.7 psia to psig.

If Fahrenheit = 1.8°C + 32, then convert 760°C to Fahrenheit.


Solve for y:  62 = 13y – 3

A vertical tank is 30 ft tall with a diameter of 10 ft.  What is the volume of the product?

A rectangular tank is 30 ft. long, 16 ft. tall, and 6 ft. wide, what is the volume?



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