ACCT 101 Problems

Problem 1 (16 points)
The Woodview Company uses a sales journal, purchases journal, cash receipts journal, cash disbursements journal, and general journal. They use the perpetual method. The following transactions occurred during the current month of December:

Record the above transactions into the appropriate journals shown below.

Problem 2 (21 points)
A company established a petty cash fund of $100 on September 1. On September 10, the petty cash fund was replenished when there was $16 remaining and there were petty cash receipts for: office supplies, $27; transportation-in on inventory purchased, $32; and postage, $22. On September 15, the petty cash fund was increased to $125 in total. Record the above transactions in general journal form.


Problem 3 (17 points)
The following information is available for the Avisa Company for the month of November:
a. On November 30, after all transactions have been recorded, the balance in the company’s Cash account has a balance of $27,202.
b. The company’s bank statement shows a balance on November 30 of $29,279.
c. Outstanding checks at November 30 include check #3030 in the amount of $1,525 and check #3556 in the amount of $1,459.
d. A credit memo included with the bank statement indicates that the bank collected $780 on a noninterest-bearing note receivable for Avisa. The bank deducted a $10 collection fee, and credited the remainder of $770 to Avisa’s account.
e. A debit memo included with the bank statement shows a $67 NSF check from a customer, J. Brown.
f. A deposit placed in the bank’s night depository on November 30 totaled $1,675, and did not appear on the bank statement.
g. Examination of the checks on the bank statement with the entries in the accounting records reveals that check #3445 for the payment of an account payable was correctly written for $2,450, but was recorded in the accounting records as $2,540.
h. Included with the bank statement was a debit memorandum in the amount of $25 for bank service charges. It has not been recorded on the company’s books.


Problem 4 (7 points)
A company allows its customers to use bank credit cards to charge purchases. When customers use the credit cards, the net amount is deposited in the company’s checking account.
The company also is charged a 2.5% service charge for these credit card sales. Assume that on April 13, the company sold $25,000 worth of merchandise to customers who used credit cards.
Prepare the company’s journal entry to record the credit card sales for April 13 assuming the company deposited the receipts that same day.

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