An Essay About "The Radicalism Of The American Revolution" By Gordon Wood

  Write an essay for 8 pages about the book “The Radicalism of the American Revolution” by Gordon Wood. Since we only have limited time, please take my assignment only if you read it before, or maybe you are majoring in American Revolutionary History. I can’t provide you the book since I bought the kindle edition, so you have to have one on your own. You have to write this essay based on this book with sufficient evidences from it. You can’t respond to this book without referencing its materials, or only based on your knowledge. This is a final essay for an undergraduated student. Please take it super serious and we can discuss the reward. You have to use some other resources from the materials I upload, and you may use the book list. (I have uploaded those articles and provided the book list below.) The details about the essay’s requirement are within the PDF I upload. Please read it carefully and use the book effeciently. Thank you.


Prompt: “In TheRadicalismofthe AmericanRevolution,GordonWoodarguesthat the American Revolutionbroughtmorethanjust political separationfromtheBritish Empire.Heinsists,“it was asradicalandsocialas anyrevolutionin history”(p.5).In an essayof8-­‐10 pages(double-­‐spaced, TimesNewRoman12-­‐point font) evaluate Wood’s argument. Was the American Revolution radical? Was it social? In

answering thesequestions, besure todemonstrate an understanding of Wood’s

argumentandevidence.Besure,as well, to considerinformationfromotherreadings andlecturesthatcounterWood’sinterpretation.Inotherwords,in the processof makingyourown argumentforhowradicaltheRevolutionwasorwasnot,give attention to bothsidesin thedebate.Supportyourargumentwithevidencefrom a variety of readings and lectures.”


Book List:

1. Gary Nash, Race and Revolution
2. Pauline Maier, American Scripture: Making the Declaration of Independence

3. Alfred Young, The Shoemaker and the Tea Party

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