At Least 3 Paragraphs In Length, 250 Words.

Your main post should be at least 3 paragraphs in length, 250 words.

STAR WARS SUBCULTURE: Watch this 10 minute video clip on Star Wars Fans (Star Wars Fans – Violating Cultural Norms (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.). Use the CC, if needed. Answer the following questions: What specific American values are the fans threatening and how? You need to refer to chapter two’s discussion on values. What are several ways that the fans receive negative sanctions for their non-conformity? How are these negative sanctions promoting social conformity? The fans and the humiliation they are subjected to are a good demonstration of how powerful cultural norms can be in controlling behavior. In this video, we can see how deviation from mainstream behaviors often results in social rejection. How do negative sanctions keep you conforming to cultural norms? Are there activities, goals, interests you do not pursue for threat of being judged harshly? Overall, why is it important that most/all people of a society follow a set of rules and expectations of behavior (norms)? How can this be limiting to a person’s potential?



Make sure to use proper grammar and punctuation in this college level course in all correspondence. Please avoid “text” or “twitter speak” when corresponding.

Your main post should be 250+ words.

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