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Research “Google” using Google and describe the first two (non-Google, non-wki, non Facebook) “website hits” that appear. How did these two “hits” make it to the “first displayed” positions in a Google search?

The two non-Google website hits that shows up on the first page when researching Google are news article from the guardian about how Google ‘faces euro one billion plus fine’ from EU over market dominance, and an article from business insider about how Euro plans to hit Google with a euro one billion-plus fine over its shopping tool. The reason why these articles made it to the first display is because of the keywords matching when searching and due to the fact that the story is a currently a top stories.

Explain Google’s AdWord and AdSense services and describe how each benefits a firm considering online advertising with Google. What are the differences in the two services?

Google’s AdWord is a highly measurable Google advertising service that allows the businesses to advertise on Google’s search engine that will allow them to compete on the level playing field as other major businesses and advertising network. AdSense is a Google advertising placement service that allows advertiser to place their ads anywhere on the internet next to content that is relevant to the information that a person is searching. The difference between the two is that AdWords allows a business to advertise on the Google search engine, while AdSense allows Google Ads on a business website.

Do you think that Google is financially successful in their online advertising business model? Explain why or why not.

I personal believe that Google has been financially successful in their online advertising business model. This is because Google is the number one search engine on the internet and everyone uses Google. Since everyone uses Google almost daily, businesses will definitely advertise on Google because there is a market for already.

What other areas of growth are likely to be pursued by Google in the future.

Google will continue to do its utmost best to improve its services and continue to support everyone. Google should try and pursue to capture advertising from the television and telephone industry. Like Yahoo, Google should try and establish an official webpage where people are prompted with other futures rather than searching.

“Great is our Lord and mighty in power; his understanding has no limit” (Psalm 147:5 NIV). Describe the vastness of God’s wisdom, knowledge, and power in consideration of the power of humans’ marvels such as Google.

God has given humans the knowledge and ability to think and they are able to do great things through God’s blessings. Also, God will always give humans the talent to do great things and create new innovations but God has the overall control with His knowledge and power.


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Michael Johnson



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After putting Google in the search bar of my browser and going to the second page of options the first non-google article I came across was an article in the New York Times.  The article discussed the fine that Google was facing from the E.U.  The lawsuit is based on the E.U,’s antitrust laws by having an overwhelming dominance in the search function it is pushing out European competitors, (Scott, 2017).  The second result I found was on crunchbase about the structure of Google as a company to include investors, acquistions, and investments.  It was mostly a layout of the company of Google that an investor would be interested in knowing.  These two hits made the first display in my search engine because of the recent search history about investing and economic/business news.


Adsense is a way of ranking ads that Google uses to show which ads show on their search pages.  Where adwords use a mix of cookies and keywords to determine which ads users would want to see.  Both services provide Google revenue by the advertisers paying to use the tools that Google has created.


I do believe Google is successful in their advertising business model.  They have developed the most dominating search engine in the world and then they created a model of advertising that is selective and competitive for advertisers.  This attracts more advertisers to want to post ads because they know they will have a higher chance of reaching people.


Other areas of growth that Google is looking into is self-driving cars with Waymo being their prototype.  They have also developed an operating system for smartphones with the creation of Android.  They have also started their own smartphone line as well in an attempt to gain market shares in that space as well.  So Google is creating both software and hardware in the technology sector of the economy as well as trying to break into the automobile sector too.



Crunchbase. (2017). Google. Retrieved June 16, 2017, from Crunchbase: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/google#/entity

Scott, M. (2017, June 16). Google Said to Be Facing Record E.U. Fine by End of August. Retrieved June 16, 2017, from The New York Times: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/16/business/eu-google-antitrust-fine.html?_r=0

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