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In Chapter 2 of Business Communication for Success you are introduced to the communication process. The elements of the communication process include the following:SourceMessageChannelReceiverFeedbackEnvironmentContextInterferenceOur focus in this first writing assignment is on the last of these – interference. Any barrier or inhibitor that negatively affects successful communication is interference. For this assignment, you will want to draw on the following reading materials about
communication inhibitors.
Bell & Smith, 10 Barriers to Communication MSG Team, Communication Barriers Pandita, Physical Barriers in Communication Jain, The Barriers to Effective Communication These items are available as eReserves in our class in LEO.
After you have completed reading Chapter 2, reviewed the pdf files on Communication Barriers, and reviewed your assignment directions, complete this discussion topic by doing the following tasks:

1) Identify or describe your current workplace or community organization and your position in it.   in the list of items that appears, locate the articles and download them

  2) Decide which communication barrier(s) you believe are most powerfully affecting your communication process in the workplace or community scenario you think you will choose for your assignment;

3) Write a paragraph or two in which you explain how and why you think these barriers are the main culprits negatively affecting successful communication.

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