“Workplace Violence Prevention and Response Guidelines”Guidelines for Preventing Workplace” is a 2005 ASIS publication that provides security directors a strategy to prevent workplace violence and effectively manage and respond to threats.

Workplace violence is a critical issue identified by security directors in a 2016 Securitas survey as discussed previously in class.  Students of security management should understand that workplace violence takes many forms and is more than just active shooter scenarios we seem to be experiencing in today’s society.

Security operatives often talk about employing a multidisciplinary approach when developing an organization’s workplace violence prevention and response strategy.  After reviewing the ASIS document, explain what it means to employ a multidisciplinary approach and how such a strategy might be planned and implemented based on the guidelines presented. Incorporate into your response the essential elements that must be a part of any violence prevention program.

Also, describe the role of the security department and other departments you believe to be key stakeholders in achieving the program’s goals and objectives.

Be sure to cite your sources from both the Learning Materials and outside research.


In a series of published articles, Derek Slater discusses one of the most significant security planning issues discussed in the security profession over the past 10 years—convergence. The author defines term and addresses the advantages and difficulties associated with convergence, but his article culminates with a convincing argument for implementing convergence and offers five specific reasons that are trending which he believes are “knocking down the walls between traditional security stovepipes” (Slater).  Students of security management need to be familiar with the issues currently facing the security industry so they can better prepare to take a position and address the issue when they have the future opportunity.

After reading the Slater article and conducting any additional independent research on this topic, discuss from the perspective of a security operative of a Fortune 1000 corporation how convergence might benefit the organization and what might be the unexpected “pitfalls” that can obstruct efforts to merge physical and information security operations. Be specific with the advantages and disadvantages. Finally, state whether or not you agree with convergence and explain your position.

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