Directions: Respond to the following prompts.  Each answer must be one half of one page in length and utilize APA guidelines for formatting and citations.


1.Explain the three main elements necessary to establish and prove an assault.


2.Describe the “Rule of Thumb” standard that originated in the case of State v. Rhodes (1868) concerning domestic violence.


3.Research has attempted to identify factors that predict or precipitate episodes of domestic violence.  List and describe some of these predictors.


4.Some agencies have adopted a dual arrest policy concerning domestic violence meaning that officers can circumvent the primary aggressor assessment and arrest both parties when injuries to both sides are observed.  These policies do not preclude the single arrest of only the primary aggressor if the officer is able to make a primary aggressor determination.  Name the factors an officer must consider in making this assessment.


5.Johnson (2004) divides elderly financial abuse crimes into two categories.  Name and give examples of each category.


6.What are the two important pieces of evidence in assault investigations and why?


7.What is the three phase cycle of domestic violence?  Describe them.


8.Describe why animal cruelty is associated with domestic violence.


9.How can the police avoid lawsuits in domestic violence cases?



10.What are some of the investigative challenges presented by stalking cases?  Describe them in detail.

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