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An Evaluation of Zoho CRM – does it comply with CRM theory?
This report evaluates Zoho CRM, as example standard CRM software,

for compliance with accepted CRM theory.

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Contents Introduction 2 Aim 2 Objectives 2 Main body (6 questions) ZOHO CRM and key –map (table) Figures Record types with ZOHO CRM Marketing and sales campaign in ZOHO CRM Modifying ZOHO CRM to specific business needs Conclusions 2 Recommendations 2 References 2 Appendix A – My Lead records converted to Accounts and Contacts 3 Appendix B – (Home dashboard screenshot) 4

-Use examples based upon lab exercises.

-Create and maintain a record of all lab exercises completed.

-Use supporting research where necessary.

You can write your answers to the questions in any order that matches how you want to structure your report.

You may find that when answering the questions some answers may have fewer or more words and this is to be expected.

You do not have to use the suggested shortened headings as the questions are not included in your word count.

This zoho CRM website maybe can help you, sign in it:

account:, password: 68866881baba

Don’t worry about any Appendix and images.

Introduction 200 – 300 words

Detail the overall aim and describe supporting objectives. Be clear about the structure you have within the report and make sure the objectives point to the questions asked.



Main body 1150 words

A medium-sized business that sells extreme sports equipment (eXtremeSPORTS) wishes to use Zoho CRM for their customer focused activities. They want you to assess the software tool before they purchase it so you need to make appropriate recommendations. They have some key questions:

1. Appraise the record types in Zoho CRM in relation to the CLC (leads, account), 100-150 words.

Shorter heading – Record types within Zoho CRM

Zoho appears to only link to the acquisition stage.

Table 1 Zoho CRM adapted to CLC

This is might support the view that zoho is limited. However, if we consider the CLC by the Blogg (2010), zoho complies fully. The CLC used by Rebble (2018) includes many stage that are not applicable with general CRM theory according to Crystal (2018) and Buttle (2014).

Figure 2- show the spread of potential deals along the CLC.

2. How does Zoho CRM comply with the CLC/CLV/SVOC?

Shorter heading – Zoho CRM and key CRM theory

Give the reason that zoho CRM relates to CLC/CLV/SVOC.

Figure 3-customer life cycle

If we use Bloggs (2018) view of the CLC which includes Acquisition, Retention and Renewal, it is arguable that zoho complies the first stage only. However, if the CLC according to Joe (2018) (a little explain) zoho appears to satisfy all stages of the CLC.

3. Assess Marketing and Sales campaigns in terms of the CLC/CLV.

Shorter heading – Marketing and Sales Campaigns in Zoho CRM

How can Marketing and Sales campaigns help the company?

Sales campaigns is full-scale implementation of a sales strategy for a product or a market segment in a geographical area to achieve specified objectives.

4. What type of CRM software is it? Consider Operational, Analytical, and Strategic, and justify your answer.

Shorter heading – Classifying Zoho CRM.

Benefit of operational CRM, analytical CRM, and Strategic CRM,

Image result for operational crm, analytical crm and strategic crm

Figure 6-three types of CRM

What is include relationship with CLC, CLV?

-Record type within zoho CRM

5. How does Zoho CRM facilitate communication between eXtremeSPORTS and their customers.

Shorter heading – Facilitating communication.

Figure 9- different ways to communicate with customers in zoho CRM

Choose one way to communication, (meeting, call)

Why choose, benefit

6. Assess the usefulness of workflow/business processes and customisation.

Definition, and how to fit it in workflow.

Shorter heading – Customisation in Zoho CRM.

Explain benefit to company

Conclusions [about 200-300 words]

Recommendations [about 50 words]


Appendix A – My Lead records converted to Accounts and Contacts

Lead Name Company Name

Appendix B – (Home dashboard screenshot)


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