DDBA8151 Week 3 Taxonomy Of Leadership Theories And DDBA/8151 Week 3 Discussion Transformational Leadership: An Ideal Solution?

DDBA 8151 W3 Assignment: Taxonomy of Leadership Theories

To prepare for this Assignment, review this week’s Learning Resources and select four leadership theories. Search the Walden Library for additional peer-reviewed, scholarly resources about your selected leadership theories. You should use both the articles in the Learning Resources and additional scholarly resources in your evaluation.


Submit an evaluation of at least four leadership theories in the form of a properly formatted, APA-compliant taxonomy table. For each of the theories you select, you should include the following:

·         The name of the theory

·         The year the theory was introduced

·         The theorist/author

·         Key components of the theory


For each theory presented, be sure to include a minimum of two references to peer-reviewed, scholarly resources, as well as appropriate in-text citations.


Note: Be sure to use the Leadership Theory Taxonomy Template to complete this Assignment.




DDBA/8151 Week 3 Discussion Transformational Leadership: An Ideal Solution?


Transformational Leadership: An Ideal Solution?


To prepare for this Discussion, do the following:


Post an evaluation of the effectiveness of transactional and transformational leadership in business. In your evaluation, do the following:

·         Describe two well-known business leaders who respectively exhibit transactional and transformational business leadership behavior, and explain how each business leader exemplifies the identified type of leadership.

·         Explain whether you believe that transformational leadership is the most effective type of business leadership and why. Be sure to include specific examples, if any, in which transactional leadership might be more appropriate.

·         Describe any potential negative consequences of transformational leadership.


Be sure to support your work with a minimum of two specific citations from this week’s Learning Resources and one or more additional scholarly sources.

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