The following 3 posts must be answered with approx. 200 words with one APA reference.


1. Freud placed significant emphasis on the importance of dreams and their interpretation as a means of accessing the unconscious mind in relation to self-discovery. Do you agree with Freud’s view? Why or why not?


2. According to Freud, healthy adults successfully progress through the first four of five stages of psychosexual development and then persist in the final stage. Which stage of psychosexual development do you believe is the most influential in sexual identity? Why? Do you agree or disagree with Freudian theory as applied to gender identity issues? Why?


3. One of the keys of psychoanalytic theory is the idea that problems in one of the psychosexual stages could result in dysfunctional behavior later in life. Can the Freudian theory of psychosexual development be accurately applied to a contemporary society based upon the post-modern worldview? Why or why not?

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