English 4 HW2 Due Today 11/10/17

 1.   Please refer to story B1 and answer the following question. The word that would most accurately fit the blank at the end of the second paragraph is

a.  Corruption b.  Contradiction c.  Picture d.  Reversal

2.   Please refer to story B1 and answer the following question. The underlined word convey, as used in this passage, most accurately means

a.  Give birth to b.  Explain c.  Experiment d.  Rationalize

3.   Please refer to the story B1 and answer the following question. The underlined word temporal, as used in the passage, most nearly means

a.  Hot b.  Right-handed c.  Old-fashioned d.  Temporary

4.   An example of a phrase that is a cliché is

a.  “live and learn” b.  “Selling the hotcakes” c.  “What goes around, comes around” d.  All of the above

5.   An example of a phrase that is NOT a cliché is

a.  “Slick as a whistle” b.  “Crazy as a loon” c.  “In the blink of an eye” d.  None of the above

6.   Each statement about fact and opinion is correct EXCEPT that

a.  A fact is a statement that can be proved with objective (verifiable) information. b.  An opinion is a statement that expresses personal feelings and cannot be proved. c.  Writers of opinion pieces make try to make the reader feel foolish for not agreeing by using phrases such as “Anyone who believes otherwise is not being realistic.” d.  Words that express a degree of uncertainty, such as “may,” “might,” and “possibly” are used to substantiate the facts.

7.   Select the sentence that correctly uses the relative pronoun.

a.  Do not ask for who the bell tolls. b.  I could not tell who’s answer was correct. c.  To whom should we send the check. d.  Whose the best cook in the competition?

8.   The element of fiction that is moved along by conflict is the

a.  Plot b.  Setting c.  Theme d.  Tone

9.   The skill of separating fact from opinion is important for a reader because

a.  The better you can do so, the more critical of a reader you will become. b.  In standardized tests, you will frequently encounter reading selections where you are expected to distinguish fact from opinion. c.  You need to be able to do so analyze writing. d.  All of the above.

10.   Clint didn’t want _____ to do with a new version of the film.

a.  anything b.  nothing

11.   The majority of girls haven’t _____ played football.

a.  ever b.  never

12.   Sharon’s tiny cat _____ barely three pounds.

a.  is b.  isn’t

13.   Paolo has a fever; he is not _____.

a.  good b.  well

14.   _____ I please have the sugar?

a.  Can b.  May

15.   Uncle Ben _____ me to play the guitar.

a.  learned b.  taught c.  thought d.  taut

16.   Writers of poetry and fiction frequently make use of figurative language, which includes

a.  Metaphor. b.  Personification. c.  Simile. d.  All of the above.

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