Essay Topics For Private Memoirs And Confessions Of A Justified Sinner

Write at least 1,200 words on ONE of these questions:



Discuss the book as a tragedy. How do hubris (extreme pride) and hamartia (poor decisions based on misguided thinking) figure in Wringhim’s downfall? You will need to discuss, obviously, his relationships, influences, beliefs, prejudices and actions along with their consequences.  Of course, you can discuss other human vices/flaws/deadly sins besides pride and poor judgement as contributors to Robert’s terrible descent into his hellish fate.




Referring to both the The Editor’s Narrative and The Private Memoirs and Confessions of Wringhim himself, discuss in detail your view of the Wringhim/Gil-Martin relationship. Who is Gil-Martin? How do you ascribe the responsibility of what we know they have done, and assume they have done between the two of them?  Refer, of course, to their interactions with others as illustrative of the nature of this relationship. Be sure to offer sound textual evidence for any claims you make.

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