1. Describe the four possible resolutions to multiracial identity development described by Root (1990, 1998).
  2. Explain the various factors that influence one’s identity as a member of an oppressed minority group.
  3. According to Beverly Tatum, when do African Americans begin to view themselves in terms of race?

    a. as soon as they are born

    b. as early adolescents

    c. as young adults

    d. as toddlers

    How and why does this come about at this stage of development?

  4. Explain what multicultural competence is. Who can benefit from it and how?
  5. According to Harrell (1995), pity is a form of _______________.

    a. emotional devaluing

    b. emotional distancing

    c. emotional deemphasizing

    d. emotional denial

    Explain your answer by describing the phenomenon in more detail.

  6. Develop a plan that describes in detail at least three things you can do to increase your personal level of multicultural competence.

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