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Strategic Thinking and Self-Analysis Reflection Worksheet


Part I: Strategic Thinking

The activities this week focused on the concepts and processes used in strategic thinking. This portion of the assignment asks you to consider those ideas and discuss how they are applied.





What are the two components of strategic thinking?





Explain how the components of strategic thinking contribute to rational thinking. You may elect to review Ch. 15 for ideas. (100 to 150 words total)



Define egocentrism and sociocentrism. (25 to 50 words total)






Provide one example of either egocentrism or sociocentrism you have noticed in your own life. Briefly discuss how that example is a barrier to your ability to think critically and explain some techniques you can use to overcome that barrier. (100 to 125 words total)


Part II: Self-Analysis Reflection


In Week 1, you evaluated your stage of critical thinking in three areas of your life: personal, student, and professional. Take a moment to review what stage you selected in Week 1 for each area.


Reflect on what you have learned in this course, and select the stage of critical thinking that represents where you are now. (See pp. 28-37 in Ch. 2)


Area “Critical Thinking Stage” Menu

(select from stages 1-4)

Personal Life “Critical Thinking Stages” Drop-Down
Student Life “Critical Thinking Stages” Drop-Down
Professional Life “Critical Thinking Stages” Drop-Down


For each area, discuss why you think there was or was not a change in the stage of critical thinking. Consider barriers that may have hindered your development as a critical thinker.


Personal Life (25 to 50 words)




Student Life (25 to 50 words)






Professional Life (25 to 50 words)



Part III: Looking Ahead

Consider the current stages of your critical thinking. Identify three concepts or techniques you learned in this course that you will use to continue to grow as a skilled critical thinker.

Provide a brief example of how you might implement each of those techniques. (75 to 150 words)




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