Geography Exam and Band Assignment and Listening Quiz

Geog 100

Test 1: Study Guide


· Mental Map

· Spatial Perspective

· Transition Zones

· Absolute Location

· Globalization


· City-States

· Primate City

· World City

· Industrial Revolution

· Negative Population Growth

· Centripetal Forces

· Centrifugal Forces

· European Union

· EU Membership in 1958

· Supranationalism

· Map Location of:

· Greece

· Paris

· London


· Physiographic Regions

· Arctic Circle Prospects

· Natural Resources

· Federation

· North American Land Holdings

· Imperialism

· Cold War


· Peter the Great

· Vladimir Putin

· Map the Location of:

· Moscow

· Ukraine

· St. Petersburg

North America:

· Mountain Ranges

· Rain shadow

· First Nation

· Primary Jobs

· Secondary Jobs

· Tertiary Jobs

· Quandary Jobs

· Deindustrialization

· Migration

· Push Factors

· Pull Factors

· Gentrification

· 2008 Recession

· Cultural Mosaic

· Melting Pot

· Map Location of:

· Texas

· New York

· Cypress, CA

Middle America:

· Isthmus

· Land Bridge

· Archipelago

· Altitudinal Zonation

· Tropical Deforestation

· Mainland-Rimland

· Hacienda

· Plantation

· Monroe Doctrine

· Gridiron City Planning


Geography Exam

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Password: Sheehan123

Band Listening Quiz (100 words maximum)

1. “Positively 4th St.” by Bob Dylan has very biting commentary pointed at someone in particular. Who is it? How do the lyrics fit in with his catalog of prior works? Does this represent his moving on?

2. “California Girls” by The Beach Boys is a quintessential vocal surf song. Although the form is simple, how does Brian Wilson use the vocals to keep the listener engaged? Does the instrumentation play a role?

3. “Louie Louie” by The Kingsmen is often seen as the pinnacle of the Garage band sound. How does such a simple song evoke the “call of the wild” when played? How is this sound influential to later generations?

Band Assignment (100 words maximum)

1. How did the rise of “top 40” change the marketing strategy of the music industry? How did technology play a role? Does “Top 40” still play a role in the music industry? Elaborate.

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