In an effort to give you some hands-on experience with both interviewing and analyzing interview data, you are required to conduct two (2) recorded interviews lasting a minimum of 5 minutes each. If your interviews last longer than 10 minutes, you must only transcribe the first 10 minutes of each interview.

You must interview individuals who are knowledgeable on the research topic of doctoral persistence (either as experts or those who have had success in this area) and use the revised interview questions that you presented and received peer feedback on in the Module/Week 4 Discussion Board Forum assignment. After the interviews, you will need to transcribe the interview content verbatim in a Word or Excel document. Next, use the interview transcripts to code and derive themes according to the instructions in the presentation located in Module/Week 8: Qualitative Data Analysis. You may use the trial version of NVivo to assist you with the coding process, but it is not required for this assignment. Use the template format provided in the course.

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