Liberty University BUSI 300 Test 2 Complete Solutions

Neutral messages contain content that is not likely to generate an emotional message from the receiver

Memorandums, or memos, are appropriate for communication both inside and outside the company

Because message expectations and social conventions differ among cultures, effective communicators adapt their strategies when communicating with various audiences

Zappos focuses on customer service throughout the company as the means to building customer loyalty

Making a choice between an inductive outline or a deductive outline is as important in writing an email message or memorandum as in writing a letter

Selection of the deductive or inductive method of organizing business messages depends on the probable reaction of the receiver to the message

The usual American strategies for structuring good-news and neutral-news messages can be generally applied to international audiences

The three steps in the deductive strategy used for good- and neutral-news messages indicate the requirement for a three-paragraph document format

Good- or neutral-news messages follow a deductive sequence in which the message begins with the main idea

An advantage of the deductive organization of good- or neutral-news messages is that it helps receivers save time because they can understand the important idea and then move rapidly through the details

Depending on the situation, a thank-you message can be handwritten, printed on letterhead, or sent electronically

Goodwill messages can be designed to build strong, lasting relationships among employees, clients, customers, and various other groups

Appreciation letters that are not sent in a timely manner may arouse questions about the sender’s motive

It is acceptable to send a message of appreciation that includes strong, somewhat exaggerated language when the sender believes the statements to be true

The strategies for routine claims and persuasive claims differ because with a persuasive claim, a request will likely be granted only after explanations and arguments have been presented

An attempt at resale or sales promotion is inappropriate in a favorable response to a claim message

Cultural beliefs and practices impact the ways specific cultures organize messages

Voicemail communication is extremely important because on most business calls, you most likely will be leaving a message rather than talking to someone

Personalized form letters are a fast and efficient means to send frequently recurring messages that will likely result in a neutral or favorable reaction from the receiver

The impersonal nature of form letters makes them inappropriate for business purposes

An acknowledgment message is sent to indicate an order has been received and processed

When asked to provide credit information about an account holder, good advice is to report only facts and avoid opinions about the applicant

The Equal Credit Opportunity Act requires that a credit applicant be notified of a credit decision within 10 days of receipt of the request or application

Asking a colleague or employee to walk through the steps outlined in a procedural document is recommended prior to finalizing the document

Memos or email messages are the most frequent methods for sharing procedures and instructions for internal business communication when a written record is needed

Using numbers when possible eliminates potential confusion with international audiences because dates and amounts are conveyed in the same way throughout the world

One recommended way to check the quality of your voice mail system is to pretend you don’t know your direct line or extension number and place a call to yourself

Cookie blocking will prevent unwanted tracing of your computer activities while allowing subscribed online services to continue operating

Zappos has simplified the information-seeking process for customers through the FAQ section on the company website, effectively reducing the need for customers to call the company

If you need to convey information that contains good- or neutral-news, you could use

As compared to letters, memos and email are channels for sharing information of a somewhat ____ nature

The organization of business messages should be organized based on

The strategies for structuring effective good- and neutral-news messages

The steps for the deductive sequence approach for a good-news message are

Email messages and memos differ from letters in that they are

Mary has a neutral message to deliver to a co-worker. What delivery options would be the most effective

Shaneka is writing a message to an intercultural audience to explain the short-term goals of the organization. Which of the following should she NOT use when writing for her audience

Which of the following is NOT an advantage of the deductive sequence approach for a good-news message

Which of the following is recommended advice when writing an appreciation message

A sincere apology message to a customer for a serious mistake made would likely be considered by the customer as

Your staff has worked hard to successfully complete a project for a large advertising client. Which of the following is the BEST way for you to express thanks to the staff

Ignacio is asking for a refund or a replacement for a recently purchased malfunctioning DVD player; his request for the refund or replacement would be considered a

Claims related to product warranties, guarantees, or contractual conditions are typically ____ claims

In writing a routine claim,

Which of the following is NOT good advice for writing a routine claim

You are writing to to request an exchange for an ordered shirt that was recently sent to you in an incorrect size; the message you write will be

After consideration of a customer’s request for a partial product refund due to repeated repairs, you have determined that you should comply. Which of the following is NOT part of your effective adjustment message

Persuasive requests differ from routine requests in that

Zappos, an Internet business success story, has built its success on outstanding customer service. Which of the following is NOT part of Zappos’ strategy

Which of the following sentences is a good example of a beginning sentence in a favorable reply to a routine request

Which of the following is NOT recommended when preparing form messages

Which of the following requires an individualized acknowledgment message

Ola Jensen has placed her first order with your company. What is the BEST method to let her know you received her order

A well-written message acknowledging a customer’s order usually will likely result in

Which of the following guidelines for writing messages extending credit is FALSE

You have been asked to provide a credit reference for a customer. Which of the following will be part of your written response

When you provide credit information about another person, you have an ethical and legal obligation to

Manual, a credit supervisor, must write a letter informing a new client that her credit application has been approved. What writing sequence should he use

Which of the following are the most frequently used methods of communicating standard operating procedures and other instructions to employees?

A procedural message may be ineffective if it

Your company has decided to require all employees to wear picture ID badges, starting next week. Numerous steps are involved to get a photo ID. What would you do to alert the employees of the requirement?

When writing complex procedures that should be completed in a particular order, which method is BEST?

Which is the recommended format for writing the date of February 10, 2011, in an international business document

Which of the following is NOT recommended when leaving a voice mail message on another person’s phone?

A technology that provides information about your computer usage to remote third parties is called


In some circumstances, sharing bad news via email rather than face-to-face is justified

By placing bad news in the first paragraph, receiver support is more likely than when it is presented after giving reasons

Since the main message of a negative-news message is the bad news, more space should be devoted to the refusal than to the explanations for the refusal

In some circumstances, placing a refusal in the first sentence is justified

“I have received and read your letter of April 12” is an effective neutral way to begin the first paragraph of a bad-news message

The best reason to give the receiver for a refusal is “company policy” because it requires no further explanation

Usually, a statement of bad news should be followed by a logical explanation

“We apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused you” is a recommended way to close a refusal letter

Using passive voice and complex sentences are effective ways to de-emphasize bad

Offering a counterproposal may eliminate the need to state the refusal directly

Providing an alternative or counterproposal to a refusal for a request should be avoided since it would only heighten audience frustration over the bad news

To minimize disappointment and maintain a positive relationship, the inductive strategy is the best way to organize messages that refuse requests

Template letters, as featured by leading word processing software, eliminate the need to compose original documents

“We apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused you” is an effective way to close a refusal message

Because of the legal implications involved in refusing credit, you should avoid telling applicants the specific reason(s) why you must deny them credit

In a credit refusal message, your main purpose is to tactfully say “no” since the recipient is a poor credit risk and not a potential customer

The Fair Credit Reporting Act gives consumers specific rights and protections when they apply for and are denied credit

Communicating constructive criticism about service received can be thought of as an ethical responsibility

Delivering constructive criticism can be beneficial by alerting management that changes need to be made

When communicating negative organizational news, it is advisable to tone down the news to minimize its severity

Communication from management during the Sago mine tragedy was handled in a timely and effective manner

The governor of West Virginia during the Sago mine tragedy told Sago managers and inspectors to share all the factual information, good or bad

Email is typically the most effective channel for communicating negative organizational news

Total anonymity in cyberspace would enable people to violate the laws of libel, defamation, and copyright without prosecution

In the Sago mine tragedy, a serious inaccuracy that 12 trapped miners were still alive was widely publicized. Which of the following is the LEAST LIKELYreason for this miscommunication

Which of the following is FALSE concerning personal delivery of bad news

If bad news appears in the first sentence of a message, the

What is the correct order for the inductive writing sequence

Exceptions to the use of inductive approach for bad-news messages include

An effective opening for a bad-news message

Greg Komuro often delivers messages to clients in which he must convey negative ideas. Which of the following techniques could Greg use to subordinate bad news

Which of the following are FALSE when writing bad-news messages?

Your employer asked you to compose a message to be sent to all job applicants who were not selected for sales representative position. You should

Which of the following is NOT a technique for writing a bad-news message

A counterproposal

An effective counterproposal

Which of the following is NOT recommended within the final sentence of a bad-news message?

Which sentence is a good example of a buffer for a bad news message

Which of the following would be the BEST closing sentence in a bad-news message

Which of the following is the BEST suggestion to follow when refusing a request

Which of the following is the BEST negative reply to a request for a favor

Jawon is a training and development manager who has been asked by a professor to speak to her class about careers in training. However, since he is currently conducting an important staff development program, his schedule is very busy, and he must refuse the request. What would be the BEST way to end his message

Which of the following is the BEST advice for using template documents that are available with word processing software

Melody is responding negatively to a request for a claim. Which of the following would she NOT do in composing her message to the customer

Delnisha, a customer service representative for the manufacturer of Marathon brand faucets, receives a large order from a small contractor. Which of the following is the BEST way for Delnisha to begin a message saying the company does not sell directly to end users

Messages denying credit are different from other types of bad-news messages in that they

Which of the following is NOT required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act for a credit bureau that supplies information to companies that grant credit

To avoid litigation, some credit-granting companies

You must deny a request for credit to an applicant who does not meet your company’s requirements. Using a sentence such as “You are encouraged to make cash purchases” illustrates a

When writing a message offering constructive criticism, one’s primary consideration should be

Your department hired a strategic planning consultant to restructure the workforce. However, you believe that the consultant added no value to the company and simply played back what you wanted to hear. You must write a letter to the president of the consulting company to discuss your dissatisfaction. Which of the following is the BEST approach to your letter

Although communicating negative organizational news can be challenging, such messages can have a positive effect in

Which of the following is NOT an effective strategy for companies that want to provide strong internal communication

Which of the following is FALSE concerning the communication of negative news within an organization

Which of the following is NOT an advisable guideline for organizations that want to develop an effective crisis communication plan

A company plans to downsize over the next year. Which of the following would be the BEST way to prepare employees for this negative announcement

Several methods exist for people to protect their anonymity in cyperspace. Which one is NOT a method for this protection


The principles used in selling an idea are similar to those used in selling products

Bonita wants to sell her consulting abilities to a potential client. She should use principles that are similar to those used in selling products and services

Knowing the needs of the receiver is essential to preparing an effective sales message.

Ken is preparing a persuasive message to business owners in his community. Before he writes his message he should try to understand what characteristics these owners have in common, such as the goals and educational status

Paragraphs in a persuasive message are typically long in order to achieve the writer’s persuasive purpose

An effective persuasive message employs concrete and specific language to create an accurate representation of the product, service, or idea

An effective persuasive appeal includes a central selling point that is woven throughout the entire message

Santosh, a computer service firm owner, has drafted a sales letter to area businesses in which he has emphasized his central selling point— immediate, personal service—in each paragraph. To keep the recipient’s interest, he should edit his message to include the idea of his central selling point in only one paragraph

Gabrielle writes a sales message in the AIDA approach. She should Announce her intention, Infer the central selling point, Deal with objections, and ask the reader to take Action

Rhamel writes a sales message in the AIDA approach. He gets the receivers Attention, creates an Inference, creates a Decision for the receiver, and encourages Action

The first step in the selling process is to introduce the foremost feature of the product, service, or idea

A response that is sent to someone who has invited a persuasive message requires an attention-getting sentence to start the message

A recommended way to subordinate the price of a product is to reveal it in a sentence that also refers to the central selling point

Eduardo concludes his sales message for video game subscriptions by instructing receivers to “Let us hear from you if you are interested in subscribing to our service.” This is an effective request for action

When requesting action in a persuasive message, wording such as “I hope you will . . .” and “If you agree . . .” is recommended as a courteous way to present the recipient with the choice of whether to respond favorably

An effective action paragraph in a sales message reminds the recipient of the benefit, which may be another referral to the central selling point

Will Frazier has written you to inquire about the features of your company’s new netbook; you should begin your reply with an attention-getting sentence to build interest in owning a netbook

While the majority of claims against companies come from unethical individuals, companies must still respond because of the few who believe they have a legitimate claim

Common types of persuasive requests include claim messages and requests for special favors and information

Only communication directed to individuals outside the organization requires use of the inductive approach

Archco Inc. and Suage Enterprises share a lobby where Suage has been storing computer equipment. Martha, CEO of Archco Inc., is writing a letter to Suage asking that the equipment be removed. She should make her point in the first paragraph and follow with supporting details

Brandy is writing a memo to a team of people who will help her launch a new product line for the company. To convince them that their extensive commitment is justified because of the importance of the product to the company’s future, she should employ the deductive strategy in her persuasive approach

Habitat for Humanity has used persuasion to effectively gain donations of time, talent, and resources

An ethical communicator will substantiate any claims made and reflect a sensitivity to those who might find a message offensive

Various state laws limit advertising on mobile devices

Habitat for Humanity uses both mailed messages and its website to solicit donations

Unsupported claims of superior performance or quality of a product may lead to lawsuits for a company

Under the Federal Trade Commission’s Telemarketing Sales Rule, callers must disclose the company’s identity, the purpose of the call, the product or service offered, and any requirements for obtaining it

Which of the following is FALSE about persuasive communication

Before preparing a sales message for a digital video recorder, Russell will need concrete answers to questions such as

Josef has responded to product advertising that focuses on convenience, durability, and service. At which level of Maslow’s need hierarchy is he most likely motivated

As indicated by Maslow’s need hierarchy, people may respond favorably to

Marcus is writing a persuasive message asking his employees to complete an online company survey. Which of the following should he avoid when writing his message

Which of the following is the suggested four-step sequence for an inductive outline

Which of the following summarizes the AIDA steps in the persuasive process

Businesses have learned that unethical behavior

Advertising on mobile devices

Habitat for Humanity

Which of the following is an effective device for gaining attention in a persuasive message

Techniques for preparing effective sales messages include all EXCEPT

To overcome receiver resistance to a persuasive appeal, the price typically should

Which of the following is correct concerning the outline for persuasive messages

Khristopher has sent an email requesting information on a particular plasma television he saw on a company’s website. What is the writer’s task in replying

Which of the following is the BEST introduction of a product or service in a sales message

Which is the BEST choice for the first sentence of a sales message

The central selling point in a persuasive message

A persuasive email message to promote pop-up ad blocker software has as its central selling point the protection of children from pornography. The central selling point should

Which of the following is FALSE concerning the providing of supporting evidence in a sales message

Which of the following is the BEST example of providing supporting evidence

Which of the following is the BEST way to draw attention to an enclosure that accompanies a sales message

Which statement best describes the appropriateness of the following product claim in a sales letter? “Viruscan is the best virus defense product available. It offers the most sophisticated and comprehensive protection for your data.”

Which of the following is FALSE when offering guarantees and free trial offers in persuasive messages

Which of the following best illustrates how to overcome people’s natural resistance to price

Which of the following is NOT recommended in discussing price in a sales message?

A new product to reduce cholesterol is on the market, with a price that is higher than that of competitors. Where should a writer or speaker introduce price in his or her sales message

Which of the following would be the most effective action-request statement

Which of the following is the BEST sentence for getting the receiver to take action

In a sales message, the last paragraph should

Which of the following sentences provides the most effective incentive for consumers to complete and return a survey about laundry detergents

When preparing a claim message for which the answer is in question, you should

Which of the following is the BEST beginning to a persuasive claim message to Ruth’s Catering

Which of the following statements is FALSE concerning claim messages

Which of the following is FALSE concerning a persuasive claim message

Kendra is the program chair for an organization and would like to request permission to use a country club free of charge to host a fund-raising dinner. Which of the following sentences would be the most successful beginning sentence

Which of the following is the BEST beginning to an email request for completion of an online survey about a recently purchased product

How are effective persuasive memos different from routine memos

Which of the following provides the BEST opening line in a persuasive memo asking the company president to provide extra funds for advertising a new cat food line?

A restaurant is faced with the challenge of communicating to its employees a significant change in service and style. Which method is LEAST effective for communicating this change

Which of the following is the BEST call-to-action sentence for a persuasive memo to employees for contributions to the United Way fund campaign

Which of the following best describes Habitat for Humanity’s solicitation approach


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