Managerial Economics And Globalization

The discussion answer(s) must be a minimum of 125 words of substance with any references cited in APA format. No copying and pasting of work previously done for someone else.


                                                          Discussion 1

Many police officers positions require the applicant to have a college degree even though the tasks of a police officer rarely call upon college course material. Why don’t police departments increase their applicant pool by dropping this requirement?

How is the problem of hiring a police officer like the problem buying a used car?


                                                         Discussion 2

Warren Buffett Identifies What Went Wrong at Wells Fargo — The Motley Fool

This week we look at the principle-agent problem and what went wrong at Wells Fargo. What about the incentive system resulted in massive creation of fake accounts by the retail operation and why did it only get worse from there? As you dig into this remember Froeb’s rule from Chapter 1″Avoid the temptation to think about the problem from the employee’s point of view… {and ask} how does the organization give employees enough information to make good decisions and the incentives to do so?”

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