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Question 1 (2.5 points)

Question 1 Unsaved

“…the  presuppositions (assumptions which may be true, partially true or  entirely false) which we hold (consciously or subconsciously,  consistently or inconsistently) about the basic constitution of reality,  and that provides the foundations on which we live and more and have  our being” defines

Question 1 options:

our worldview

religious doctrine



Question 2 (2.5 points)

Question 2 Unsaved

This  worldview prioritizes the scientific method as an explanatory framework  for life and advances a rational and materialistic view of the world.

Question 2 options:

secular worldview

discernible contentions



Question 3 (2.5 points)

Question 3 Unsaved

This  worldview purports that everything can be explained objectively through  the scientific method and the idea that there is no such thing as  objectivity.

Question 3 options:

secular worldview




Question 4 (2.5 points)

Question 4 Unsaved

Christians are increasingly being attracted to belief systems that are counter to   teachings in the Bible.

Question 4 options:TrueFalse

Question 5 (2.5 points)

Question 5 Unsaved

George Barna, from his research, claims that only between 10-17 % of Americans actually hold a Christian worldview.

Question 5 options:TrueFalse

Question 6 (2.5 points)

Question 6 Unsaved

What are the major cultural influences impacting worldview choices:

Question 6 options:

parenting practices


civil law and public policy

all of the above

Question 7 (2.5 points)

Question 7 Saved

Men,  people who live in cities and non-white Americans are more likely to  embrace other worldviews than women, people living in suburbs and rural  areas and white Americans.

Question 7 options:TrueFalse

Question 8 (2.5 points)

Question 8 Saved

The view that accumulating possessions is the most important thing could be described as

Question 8 options:

secular worldview




Question 9 (2.5 points)

Question 9 Saved

This  worldview stands in opposition to the economics of capitalism and falls  more in line with socialist or communist political ideologies.

Question 9 options:

secular worldview




Question 10 (2.5 points)

Question 10 Saved

This  worldview holds to the karmic statement that “if you do good, you will  receive good, and if you do bad, you will receive bad.”

Question 10 options:


New Spirituality





Dorothy Cable 2.1 everyone has a World view

Contains unread posts    Dorothy Cable posted Jun 13, 2018 11:32 AM

You’re a “Historic Christian.” As a worldview, Historic  Christianity affirms that God exists, is both personal and the creator  of all that is, and can be known. Jesus of Nazareth was a real  historical person who claimed to be and is the Son of God who was  publicly crucified and raised bodily from the dead to provide  forgiveness and eternal life to all who believe. The good life consists  of knowing and loving God and serving others.

I Have to say I completely agree with this survey. I am new school  but old school at heart. It says in the bible that the word never  changes, so there is only one way to go based on. That is the way the  bible tells us to go. Do you know that Jesus himself places the word  above his own name? How important is that? If the word is the truth i  want more of it! The four words I would use for myself will be ” A Sold  Out Christian” I want to give all that I am for the glory of God. Even  if there was no heaven or hell I want to give my all to the one who  created me. Why not live according to the bible when everything in it is  good.


Meg Bazan Everyone has a Worldview

Contains unread posts    Megan Bazan posted Jun 16, 2018 6:02 AM     Subscribe

You’re  a “Postmodernist.” As a worldview, Postmodernism is a form of cultural  relativism about such things as God, reality, knowledge, objective  truth, morality, meaning, beauty, and the self. While difficult to  ultimately define, postmodernism generally believes that all of these  are social constructions relative to social groups that share an agreed  upon narrative.

I have never heard this term in my life. I have always been a realist  when it comes to life choices. Using logic and less emotion is usually  how I go about things. I’ve never won an argument based on feeling, only  by what I could prove, so naturally I started only to look at the  scientific side of things, perhaps only when other people are involved. I  still use my emotions and faith as a way to get through hard times and  such. That is mostly used when it comes to internal struggles. So in  comparison, being a postmodernist makes complete sense! I do take on all  relative things when it comes to social groups. When majority rules I  have no issues making a decision.

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