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Assignment 1 due on Sunday the 18th of January

1. Normal cells greatly slow their rates of cell division after filling a culture dish with a layer one cell deep (a monolayer). If a circular group of cells is removed from the middle of the filled culture dish, the cells on the edges of the “wound” will begin to divide, fill the space and then stop dividing again. How does the behavior of transformed cells differ?


2. You look at two slides in the microscope. The first contains cells displaying nuclear irregularity and a scant and disorganized cytoskeleton. The second contains cells with a normal chromosomal number and a well-organized network of microtubules, microfilaments and intermediate filaments. Which, if any, contains cancer cells? Explain your selection.


3. You grow some cells in culture and measure their growth rate. You then add serum with growth factors in it to the culture medium and once again measure the growth rate. The growth rate increases only slightly. What kind of cells are these likely to be and why do you think so?

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