Problem Solution Essay Outline

Problem Solution Essay Outline

At, we understand the challenges students face when tasked with writing problem/solution proposal essays. These assignments require thorough research, critical thinking, and effective communication skills. To help you achieve success, we have outlined a comprehensive essay structure that will guide you through each section of your essay. With this outline, you can confidently address the problem, analyze its causes and effects, propose viable solutions, and conclude with impactful deductions. Let’s dive into the outline:

I. Introduction

a. Attention-getter: Begin your essay with an engaging quotation, a striking example, or a brief anecdote that captures your reader’s interest and directs their focus to the main point you plan to make.

b. Background information: Provide a historical background of your problem. Acknowledge that most problems do not occur overnight but result from a series of events. Explore when and how the problem started, identify the suffering individuals or groups, and quantify the magnitude of the issue.

c. Thesis: Clearly state your paper’s controlling idea(s), which should be centered around explaining the problem and discussing possible solutions. Your thesis will serve as a roadmap for the essay, guiding your arguments and shaping the overall structure.

II. Causes of the problem:

a. Discussion of contributing and significant causes: Analyze and discuss the factors contributing to the problem. Support your analysis with relevant data, such as case histories, examples, statistical evidence, or authoritative quotations. Identify who or what is causing the suffering and delve into the reasons behind it.

b. Beneficiaries of the situation: Explore the individuals, organizations, or entities that benefit from the problem. Uncover the motivations and interests perpetuating the issue by examining the power dynamics and vested interests involved.

c. Policies contributing to the problem: Evaluate the national and international policies that contribute to the persistence of the problem. Identify those who indirectly contribute to the issue by failing to take the necessary steps to stop it. Ensure that the materials presented in this section provide clear and relevant support for your thesis.

III. Effects of the problem:

a. Laws, regulations, and government programs: Discuss the impact of existing laws, regulations, and government programs that directly influence the problem. Use them as effective evidence to support your arguments and shed light on the extent of the issue.

b. Societal and environmental effects: Explore the effects of the problem on society, individuals (both immediate and long term), the environment, and the economy. Provide a comprehensive analysis of the consequences faced by different stakeholders, emphasizing the urgency of finding sustainable solutions.

c. Short-term and long-term impacts: Evaluate the short-term and long-term effects of the problem. Consider the future implications and emphasize the need for proactive measures and comprehensive solutions to prevent further escalation of the issue.

IV. Solutions to the problem (this section will be longer than any other):

a. Evaluation of past solutions: Assess the logical solutions that have been proposed in the past and analyze their outcomes, including successes and failures. Drawing from authoritative sources, present a comprehensive review of the previously explored solutions.

b. Proposed solutions for the future: Propose innovative and forward-looking approaches to address the problem. Identify emerging trends, technologies, or strategies that can lead to more successful outcomes. Encourage readers to consider alternative solutions and open avenues for further exploration.

c. Recommendations and analysis: Offer assumptions, opinions, or recommendations based on your research and analysis. Provide a critical evaluation of the most favorable course of action, considering both the authoritative sources and your own insights. Present a well-rounded perspective that inspires readers to consider the proposed solutions seriously.

V. Conclusion

a. Logical deductions: Draw logical deductions from your research, synthesizing the main findings and insights. Highlight the key takeaways that support the proposed solutions, reinforcing the overall message of your essay.

b. Summary and reinforcement: Briefly summarize the main points discussed throughout the essay, reinforcing the controlling idea (thesis). Emphasize the importance of addressing the problem and implementing the proposed solutions.

c. Restatement and benefits: Restate the problem and highlight the benefits of adopting the proposed solutions. Showcase the positive outcomes that can be achieved by taking action, inspiring readers to support and advocate for change.

d. Call to action: In your conclusion, clearly communicate what your readers want to do or understand. Encourage them to engage with the problem beyond the essay, take proactive steps, and contribute to finding meaningful solutions.

Problem Solution Essay Outline

Problem Solution Essay Outline


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Problem Solution Essay Outline: A Comprehensive Guide