Qualitative Article Review Instructions

Choose 1 qualitative article related to your Literature Review or Alternative Assignment and compose a 2-page review of it. Your review must include 2 sections: (1) a summary of the article, and (2) a critical analysis of the article.


Your summary must include:

•                     The purpose of the study

•                     Description of participants/sample

•                     The research design/data analysis: narrative, grounded theory, case study, phenomenology, ethnography, etc.

•                     Method of data collection: questionnaire, document analysis, observation, interview (open-ended, structured), etc.

•                     Results


Your analysis must include:

•                     Opportunities for further research not already stated in the article

•                     Threats to validity or undocumented bias on the part of the researcher(s)

•                     Other original insight or criticism

•                     Implications of the findings



Article to be used :

Chong, E., & Wolf, H. (2010). Factors influencing followers Perception of organisational leaders. Leadership and organization Development, 31(5), 402-419. Retrieved from http://www.emeraldinsight.com.ezproxy.liberty.edu:2048/doi/full/10.1108/01437731011056434



Ibrahim, H., & Cordes, K. (1996). Leader or manager? Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance, 67(1), 41. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com/docview/215768918?accountid=12085



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