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1. Alan wants to find an image of a car he can use in a presentation. What button should he click in the Images group to run a search? A. Internet Pictures B. WordArt C. Clip Art D. Online Images


2. Sue needs to add a header and a footer to a presentation.

Which process should she use to do this? A. Click the View tab, and in the Show/Hide group, choose Header and Footer. B. Click the Home tab, and in the Window group, choose Header and Footer. C. Click the Home tab, and in the Insert group, choose Header and

Footer. D. Click the Insert tab, and in the Text group, choose Header and Footer.


3. Which of the following is an example of a transition effect available in PowerPoint? A. Erase B. Uncover C. Block Out D. Rain


4. To insert a new slide, which tab option should

you select? A. Home B. Slides C. Design D. Insert


5. Mark needs to edit many different parts of a presentation. Which of the following views does he need to be in to effectively edit the presentation? A. Print Preview B. Slide Sorter C. Slide Show D. Normal


6. Brian would like to automatically check the spelling in a presentation. To do this, he should select which of the following tabs? A. Home B. Review C. Insert D. View


7. Performing a spell check can be done by clicking Spelling in which group? A. Editing

B. Proofing C. Grammar D. Syntax


8. Which view should you use if you want to look only at the text of the slides? A. Normal View B. Outline View C. Reading View D. Slide Sorter


9. When creating a chart, what Microsoft Office application is invoked in order

to enter data? A. Publisher B. Excel C. Access D. Word


10. A _______ is a set of commands. A. handout B. slide C. tab D. website


11. When you’re in the Normal view, what are the visible panes? A. Placeholder and Subtitle B. Text and Slide C. Title and Slide

D. Slide and Thumbnails


12. Suppose you’re creating a slide presentation. During the presentation, you’ll need to go to a specific address on the Web. You should insert a/an A. Word file. B. graphic. C. hyperlink. D. table.


13. Stuart wants to delete some

text from a slide. What should Stuart do? A. Highlight the text to be deleted and press the Alt key B. Choose the Home tab and delete the text C. From the Review tab, choose Highlight text and then press the Delete key D. Highlight the text to be deleted,

right-click and choose Cut


14. To create an identical version of a slide, you would click A. Clone. B. Create Slide. C. Duplicate Slide. D. Copy.


15. Cindy wants to merge two cells together. Which of the following best describes the process of merging two

cells? A. Highlight the two cells and click the Design tab. In the Setup group, click the Merge Cells button. B. Highlight the two cells, right-click, and choose Merge Cells. C. Highlight the two cells and click the Home tab. In the Paragraph group, click

the Merge Cells button. D. Highlight the two cells and click the Home tab. In the Drawing group, click the Merge Cells button.


16. To distribute one or more presentations for use on another computer, which of the following features should you use? A. Slide

Show B. Action Items C. Package Presentation for CD D. Scan a Presentation


17. Jane wants to add a chart to her presentation so she’ll click the Insert tab and in the Images group, she’ll click the Chart button. To add a chart to his presentation, Stevie will

click the Insert tab and in the Illustrations group, he’ll click the Chart button. Who is/are correctly adding a chart? A. Stevie only B. Both Jane and Stevie C. Jane only D. Neither Jane nor Stevie


18. A(n) ________ allows you to quickly apply a color scheme

to a presentation. A. animation B. theme C. hyperlink D. spell check


19. After carefully constructing and double-checking all of your slides, you’re ready to preview your presentation. You’re on the fourth slide, but you need to see the whole presentation

as one unbroken flow. What button should you use to view the whole presentation without exiting your present slide? A. From Beginning B. From Current Slide C. Custom Slide Show D. Present Online


20. Julie is trying to decide whether or not to add a color scheme

to her presentation, and she asks you for advice. You should advise her that color schemes A. often result in an uninteresting presentation. B. help to keep a presentation consistent. C. are mainly useful in the creation of colorful charts. D. make the design

process overly complicated and tedious.

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