Service Operation Paper

Best Practice Paper: the objective of this paper is to apply the theories presented to you in the text and the lectures. You may choose a company, for which you will write a paper of approximately 2,000 words minimum, which contains answers or recommendations to the next seven questions.

  1. What should the company do to develop good customer relationships? How can managers of the company develop good business relationships?
  2. How can managers of the company design the customer journey? What is the role of technology in developing the customer experience?
  3. What should the company do to measure the customer’s perspective? How can managers of the company measure, control and manage the operation?
  4. What should the company do to manage and motivate service providers? How can customers be ‘managed’ and motivated?
  5. What should the company do to use “value” to drive continuous improvement?
  6. Identify PUV criteria of the company. What are the options for change?
  7. What should company and its managers do to influence cultural change?

The content and grading of this paper is as follows:

  • Executive summary (10%)
  • Recommendations for each of the seven points above (70%)
  • Graphs and charts—must be service operations related (10%)
  • References—in proper bibliographic form.  These should be from several of the following: journals, books, interviews, company information, and credible Internet sources (10%)

This paper will be subjected to a Turn It In analysis and the expected maximum of unoriginal material is no more than 25%.

The attachment’s page 392 is the definition of PUV. For question 6.

  • attachment


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