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White Privilege and Colorism


Answer questions on the White Privilege and Colorism worksheet.


White Privilege and Colorism

Answer these questions and include your answers when you submit your assignment.

What is White privilege?

·         If you are White, what are examples you can think of where you have experienced and/or currently experience White privilege?

·         If you are a person of color, what are some examples of being denied privilege due to your color?

·         What other kinds of privileges exist in American society, such as male, wealth, beautify, stature, education, last name?) How do they provide privilege?

·         Can you think of privileges that change, depending on the social context, such as a deaf student using sign language in a deaf community, or an African American member of NAACP)? Provide some examples.


What is colorism?  How did this idea develop, and what are its roots?

·         What are some examples of colorism within today’s overall American society?

·         To what extent does colorism exist within each minority community in the U.S.? Give some examples.



Write a 350- to 700-word essay comparing and contrasting White privilege and colorism, using the answers on the worksheet.

Submit your worksheet and essay to the Assignment Files tab.




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