STATISTICS. Excel With The Add On Megastat Needed…..

question 1:

Walter Gogel Company is an industrial supplier of fasteners, tools, and springs. The amounts of its invoices vary widely, from less than $20.00 to more than $400.00. During the month of January the company sent out 80 invoices. Here is a box plot of these invoices. Write a brief report summarizing the invoice amounts. Be sure to include information on the values of the first and third quartiles, the median, and wheather there is any skewness. If there are any outliers, approximate the value of these invoices. THE ATTACHED file is the picture




question  2:  Chipper Jones of the Atlanta Braves had the highest batting average in the 2008 Major

League Baseball season. His average was .364. So assume the probability of getting

a hit was .364 for each time he batted. In a particular game assume he batted three


a. This is an example of what type of probability?

b. What was the probability of getting three hits in a particular game?

c. What was the probability of not getting any hits in a game?

d. What was the probability of getting at least one hit?


it needs to be done with excel and the add on is megastat.


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