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CASE 9–1: Forecasting Pro Forma Financial Statements: Refer to the following financial statements for Kodak:


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Prepare forecasts of its income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows for 20×7 under the following assumptions:


  • a. All financial ratios remain at 20×6 levels.
  • b. Kodak will not record restructuring costs for 20×7.
  • c. Taxes payable are at the 20×6 level of $544 million.
  • d. Depreciation expense charged to SG&A is $765 million and $738 million for 20×6 and 20×5, respectively.
  • e. Gross PPE is $12,982 million and $12,963 million for 20×6 and 20×5, respectively.
  • f. Projected current maturities of long-term debt are $13 million for 20×7.


K. R. Subramanyam, J. J. (2009). Financial Statement Analysis 10th edition. New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin


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